The Curatorial Services


There is a great power in self-confidence, and The Curatorial is devoted to bringing out the best in every women. One outfit at a time.

Let's have some fun and show the world the best version of yourself!



Curated closet

Let me help you discover hidden treasures of your own closet, organize your "to keep" and clear out the "what was I thinking" pieces. (Clearing out - meaning donating, selling or throwing a swap party).

Who is it for?

This service is for all ladies feeling overwhelmed with their wardrobe. It usually involves a lot of decluttering. Think of it as a green juice for your closet - closet detox!

the curatorial way

After a quick complementary chat about your wardrobe needs, we'll book an in-person appointment. I'll bring coffee/tea/cold pressed juice. Your preference!

Together, we'll assess your closet - and when I say together, I mean, you sipping coffee and watching your wardrobe being curated.


Up to 4 hours, depending on the size of your closet.


Rates start at $85. Giggles included.



Curated outfits

This service puts a different look on your wardrobe by creating new outfits from your existing pieces.

Who is it for?

Putting together outfits that make you stand out from the crowd can sometimes be...well, difficult. This is where I always excelled, and don't be surprised if compliments start coming your way after our first session!

The Curatorial way

After our initial complimentary call, or Curated Closet service, we'll book an in-person appointment. I will be creating outfits which you'll try on. It's a fashion boot-camp with champagne being served. Yes you're reading this right, it's party time and a party calls for some bubbly.


This service usually takes up to 3 hours


Rates start at $95. Giggles and WOW moments included.



ONLINE Shopping

...when you just don't feel like shopping in the store and would rather wait for the mailman.

Who is it for?

When you would rather click than walk! Perfect for ladies who need a few pieces to update their wardrobe for the season.

The Curatorial way

After a quick complementary chat, I'll do my research and come up with a list of suggestions, which we'll review together and hand-pick the pieces you'll be happy to unwrap.


1+hours, based on your specific needs


Rates start at $75. Giggles and "How come I had no idea this existed?" moments included.