Oh, hi – thanks for stopping by!

I hope this is only a beginning of a very stylish friendship.

My name is Jelena (Yes, I know it’s a tricky one to pronounce and try it like this Yelena). 

I am a Personal Stylist and a Curator of beautiful things.

I was born in London, UK, grew up in Belgrade, Serbia, and am living and working in Toronto. With a degree in business and fashion styling, I was lucky to find my calling – empowering women through personal styling and helping them feel confident and beautiful. 

There is a great power in self confidence..

...and I have witnessed this first hand, while working as a Stylist at some of the world's leading brands and retailers such as Anthropologie, Holt Renfrew, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Hermes.

A few of my favorite things include a perfect cup of cortado, shades of teal, sea salt dark chocolate, spontaneous dance parties, everyday giggles with my husband, and exploring Croatian islands with friends.


The Curatorial Services

The Curatorial was born out of passion of helping clients feel and look their best. Style is a way of communication, a way of expressing who we are.

The bespoke, the handmade, the designer, the inherited and the found are all important. Through The Curatorial services, I aim to enable my clients to combine these elements effortlessly in order to express a sense of individual style that reflects their personality and character.


The Curatorial BOUTIQUE

As a Personal Stylist, I was always fascinated with accessories - a powerful tool for transformation and self expression.

My love for fashion jewelry inspired me to source timeless pieces designed and handcrafted in North America.

By cultivating and curating, The Curatorial brings together character and personal style.

Our collection is handpicked with The Curatorial muse in mind - a real, smart, mindful woman who appreciates life's little luxuries.